Why I fell in love with essential oils

In September 2016, essential oils were just another therapy on my list to try.

I thought they’d likely be another thing that would take my health up a level, but I had no idea just how empowering and #lifechanging they would actually be.

I am a person that has never easily taken no for an answer, who searches for ways to overcome issues, and who always chooses to think my way around problems before I will accept that there is nothing that can be done.

This has been my blessing and my curse.

And being this full-on ‘solutions person’ can be crazy-making unless you are surrounded by plenty of can-do people who want to join in with you in some sort of world-changing think tank.

(Sadly I’m not.)

But when you have a person like that, and give them something as amazingly freaking USEFUL as essential oils, it really is a hallelujah moment.

Because essential oils give me answers to my problems. I have all these answers ALL the time.

There are loads of things I now don’t even need a think tank for!

Lacking motivation? Oils.
Struggling with negative people? Oils.
Thinking your way through how to use a spreadsheet? Oils.
Coming up with world-changing ideas? Oils.
Working through past emotional issues? Oils.
Creating an atmosphere of understanding in the family home? Oils.
Small children getting into hyperactive moods? Oils.
Annoying leftover bits of stickers on things? Oils.
Non-chemical cleaning products? Oils.
How to stop everyone getting sick? Oils.

I’m sure you’re getting the idea.

Now, when I get frustrated with life challenges, I just go around rubbing roller bottles on people and diffusing pure magic into the air.

It’s kind of like being a witch. Especially when you are using your oils to influence the outcome of situations, and combining them with other techniques such as clearing emotions, tapping and manifesting.

I’m not saying I can now perform magical feats here.

But I am saying it’s the closest I’ve ever been.

On top of all the wonder they bring to my personal life, doTERRA oils come with a business opportunity which could not have been more perfect for me.

Unlimited earnings potential? Oils.
Choosing your own hours? Oils.
Working alone but also with an amazing community of supportive people? Oils.
Doing your work as you go about your normal day? Oils.
Empowering others healthwise? Oils.
Ability to monetise my first love – writing? Oils.
Ethical and sustainable? Oils.
Travel opportunities? Oils.

So that is why I fell in love with essential oils.

Because, seriously, what is not to love about all that?

To find out how to buy your own oils, and receive my oily support, click here




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