Rise to radiance with nlp

A few months ago the universe brought this wonderful healer and kindred spirit, Marije Wahle, into my life.

She lives locally and I have been following her Facebook page for months now, constantly amazed that all the topics she loves are basically the themes of my life. Whatever I’m working on, or feeling or thinking that week, I’m guaranteed to see a post by Marije about the same thing.

Empowerment, strength, abundance, joy, the oppression of women, the healing power of our own bodies, spirituality, Pilates, high fat-low carb diets and overcoming our own limitations are just some of them.

And she’s out there online, leading the way and inspiring people to find their own healing power. My dream!

When you are on a journey of discovery, you spend a long time meeting resistance – from yourself and others around you. So a person that sees the world the way you do gives you permission to be yourself. And that’s a great gift when you’re going through change.

This week I got to experience Marije’s work firsthand in one of her healing sessions. She works with hypnosis, emotional intelligence and one of my new favourite things, neuro linguistic programming.

As a person who does ‘work’ on myself daily, I went in with some clear ideas about what I wanted to tackle next. And wondering how much it would add to my (already great) toolkit of self care methods.

But I was wowed as this process brought new realisations, and swiftly and easily dealt with deep rooted subconscious beliefs I held.
Stuff I thought I’d shifted ages ago!

The session uses easy visual and spatial techniques to help you rearrange your subconscious thinking in a way that works better for your goals.

[Yes turns out it’s not that hard to shift some furniture in the long held belief department!]

It is genius in its simplicity, but at the same time gets to the heart of issues that are your absolute nemesis. Like your self worth and money blocks and those disabling difficult relationships.

I felt physically different as these emotions and mental chains left my body. It was emotional and fun all at the same time!

And I walked away knowing I had taken my self development work up a few levels, because I was now going to be working with a much cleaner slate.

As with EFT, I personally find this kind of therapy far better than counselling, or any kind of ‘talking it over’. Dealing with issues – however deep and longheld they are – does not require us to revisit those painful feelings.

Techniques like NLP, EFT and kinesiology, can simply identify the belief or emotion within you, and release it forever. You leave the session without it, instead of feeling like you’ve had to relive it or work through it.

It’s a far better use of your time and it leaves you feeling fantastic, instead of simply better.

I can’t wait to learn more about the techniques Marije uses and start integrating them into my own practice.

Check out this video we made going into more detail on the technique:


Marije has extensive experience in NLP, Hypnosis and Emotional Intelligence, and studied at the Quantum Training Institute. She is also a Personal Trainer and Food Coach.

She combines these skills and qualifications to coach women to rise and be radiant.

Please check out her website The Women’s Revolution here

And follow Marije’s Facebook page The Women’s Revolution. Reclaim your Radiance and Rise

It is full of inspiration and insight.


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