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Making money with doTERRA

Multi-level marketing businesses are not get-rich-quick schemes. However, making money with doTERRA is the best way I have ever made money.

For these reasons:

  • I am empowering people with something amazing
  • I am working for myself
  • Even though I am working alone, I also have an amazing support network
  • I am fitting my hours around looking after my kids
  • I am creating residual income
  • I can earn much more doing this than I ever could have in my previous career. (Read this to see how much.)
  • It is enabling me to monetise my writing
  • I love oils and think they would benefit everybody

If you know you want to supplement or replace your income then drop me a line at


How do you make money with doTERRA?

There are two ways to make money with doTERRA. You are either a sharer or a builder.

In short, both those groups make money the same way – by going onto Loyalty Rewards and placing a regular 100pv-a-month order (which entitles you to earn commission) – and then sharing the products and enrolling new people.

But some (the sharers) do this as a hobby, because they love oils and like to spend their commission on their own collection, and others (the builders) do it to supplement or replace their income.

doTERRA has a generous compensation scheme, incredibly high customer retention rate of 65-70% (probably the most important factor when considering network marketing businesses), and low start-up costs.

Personally it had never occurred to me to look for an opportunity in network marketing, but then the oils came into my life and blew me away, and the business opportunity was a perfect sideline to help me launch this website – which has been my dream for the past couple of years.

Also, there are so many people in doTERRA who have completely reversed their fortunes with this opportunity. It is breathtaking – so inspirational and emotional to watch. People have started out broke, homeless, depressed, with nothing to look forward to, and are now earning six figures.

Not to mention the countless people who have been given a new lease of life, a fresh start and a change of direction doing something which actually sets their world on fire.

Me included.


The Sharers

Sharers like to share their oils with others, holding doTERRA classes and making commission.

There are many different kinds of classes, many ideas, so much oily love to spread.

Some are into the emotions classes, some the cooking classes, some do low tox cleaning product make n’ takes or kids classes, and there are many many more. There is so much fun to be had for the creative oil lover.

And, of course, there is also the good old intro class for those who just want to help people access the healing power of oils.

The best way to start is to order the Empower Kit for $30. This comes with everything you need to get going.

Please speak to your upline leader who should be able to support you in this, and if that leader is me then please get in touch!


The Builders

If you are someone who is looking to supplement or replace your income, sees the value in creating residual income, and would like the chance to work your way up to six or seven figures then you are a business builder.

Financial freedom here we come.

The doTERRA business opportunity truly is brilliant. For me it beats having a real job hands down, and there is so much support available in this nurturing supportive community of oily builders.

Please watch this video from

Read my article Come and run a doTERRA business with me

And then contact me on the email below saying ‘Hell yes, I want to build a doTERRA business with you

If you join my team, and are serious about starting a business, I am here to support you in this endeavour and will give you all the support I can.

Let’s do this!

I believe that people can change their lives, circumstances and nothing short of themselves as people through working on their health in a holistic way.


doTERRA sources its oils from the indigenous location where the crops grow best wherever possible. Many of its crops come from developing countries, and doTERRA works with the communities there to make sure they are sourcing in a sustainable way.

From the doTERRA website:

“Co-Impact Sourcing is an initiative that seeks to develop long-term, mutually beneficial supplier partnerships while creating sustainable jobs and providing reliable income in underdeveloped areas. doTERRA is committed to the ethical treatment of its suppliers by providing on-time payments at fair prices. Growers and harvesters are encouraged to form cooperative groups to share collective benefits and bargaining power while improving skills and capacity.”

doTERRA also developed a non-profit arm called the Healing Hands Foundation, set up to reach out and serve communities in need. Partnering with other organisations (such as Mentors International, Days for Girls and Operation Underground Railroad), the foundation works to free lives of disease and poverty, and empower communities with the tools to become self reliant.

doTERRA supports its co-impact sourcing communities with the Healing Hands Foundation. Breaking the cycle of poverty, teaching skills and building and providing resources are important to this company, and that is why I am proud to be aligned with it.

Hopefully one day I’ll get to see this work first hand.


The proof is in the pudding with this. You can only try the oils for yourself and see how you go.

Personally, I have found they work profoundly and amazingly well for my family – and have enabled me to entirely change the way we cope with our health challenges and live our lives.

We no longer have to run to the doctor for every minor ailment, we have plenty of ways of dealing with things at home.

We manage our moods and our sleep and our gut health with them.

They positively impact our emotions and our relationships.

The uses are too many to mention here. Needless to say, the impact in our lives has been enormous. Lifechanging.

To buy essential oils click here.


doTERRA essential oils are extremely potent and must be used with caution and the correct dilution rates for the individual they are to be used upon.

But they are also the purest oils on the plant and therefore are safe to be used on everyone, including children and babies.

There is much contradictory information all over the internet about the ‘rules’ of using essential oils.

Personally, I follow doTERRA’s recommended safety guidelines and ignore everything else. There have never been oils of this quality before, so I use safety guidelines appropriate to these specific oils.

I also have my trusted books: Modern Essentials and the Essential Life and I always refer back to them.

Please watch this safety video:

And have a look at the doTERRA safety page


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