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If you’re thinking about getting some oils – stop thinking and get some!

My Home Essentials Kit was hands down the BEST thing I ever bought myself.

Solutions to problems, relaxation, good mental health, massively reduced amounts of illness in my house, detoxification, low tox cleaning products (and in my case a business I LOVE).

But how do I do it?

Now there are a couple of ways you can place your first order so have a short read first…

Firstly, you choose between:

1. Placing a one-off order and paying normal retail price – which you can do by clicking here and hitting ‘Shop’.

2. OR opening a wholesale account.

A wholesale account is the best way because it gives you 25% OFF (hell yes) all oils and products, and also enables you to join the extremely generous monthly ordering program which brings discounts and free oils into your life.

Opening a wholesale account

To open your account, you either:

1. Pay $35 for an enrollment pack, and order yourself some oils and products at 25% off!
(n.b. UK price for enrollment pack is £20)

2. Opt for one of doTERRA’s discounted starter kits, which means you get an account and your enrollment pack is FREE!

You then use your doTERRA account just like an Amazon account, or any other normal online shopping account, from then on.

Starter kits are here:

UK starter kits here:

(FYI UK prices listed here don’t include the 20% tax which is added at checkout)

Follow these steps to open your account

To open your wholesale account NOW – and enjoy the benefits of being on my doTERRA team – these are the steps to follow:

  • Click here
  • Click Join and Save
  • Select your country and local orders
  • Choose Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate*
  • Fill in all your details
  • Make sure my enroller number 3699973 is entered correctly to join my team.
  • Select your enrollment pack or starter kits, and add anything else you want into your cart
  • Complete the order
  • (FYI setting up the monthly order at this point means you earn your postage back as points straight away!)
  • Wait for oils to come. Impatiently.

(*The difference between ‘Wholesale Customer’ and ‘Wellness Advocate’ – Both give you 25% discount, and work exactly the same way. The Wellness Advocate option just means you also have the completely optional option to receive commission for sharing products with friends and family from the start. Most don’t bother with this and join as a Wholesale Customer. And if you sign up as Wholesale Customer you can always upgrade to Wellness Advocate should you wish to start sharing and earning)

Please join my Facebook group Essentially 80% Perfect to stay updated with oily info.

The starter kits

For the best value – and a great way to get started without too much outlay or overwhelm – you can’t go past the Home Essentials Kit.
This is how I started. This is how most people start.

My post doTERRA’s top ten oils gives you the main uses for these oils.

The Home Essentials Kit is $330 in Australia (saves you around $120), or £220 in the UK (inclusive of tax), and contains a selection of oils which are PERFECT to get you started on your oily journey.

These oils are Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon, Frankincense, Oregano, Tea Tree (Melaleuca), On Guard, Easy Air (Breathe), DigestZen (ZenGest) and Ice Blue (Deep Blue).

This particular selection is everything you need to start healing your family, your mind, creating awesome diffuser blends, killing germs, detoxing, making cleaning products and relaxing.

It comes with the Petal Diffuser. And a diffuser is a MUST to help you get the best therapeutic benefit from your oils.

If you are looking to start at a lower price point you could opt for the Essential Collection Kit for $174, (called the Family Physican with Slim & Sassy Kit in the UK – ). This contains 5ml bottles of those same ten oils instead of 15ml bottles, and also includes Smart & Sassy (15ml), but doesn’t include the diffuser.

Again see my article doTERRA’s top ten oils for the uses.

And if you know you want to start a business, sell oils at point of sale, and have ideas of how to get going straight away then you’ll probably want the great value of the Oil Sharing Kit for $1390 (UK has a bigger version of this kit for £2200). This comes with entry into the doTERRA fast track scheme when you go straight onto the monthly ordering program, meaning you start at 20% instead of 10% and earn 200 points straight away.

There is also now the amazing Nature’s Solutions Kit for $635 in Australia which includes everything from the Home Essentials Kit, plus many of the things I bought anyway in my first couple of months with doTERRA. Items such as your fractionated coconut oil (a must for making roller bottles), a heap of other oils including Lemongrass, Smart & Sassy, PastTense, Clary Calm, Lavender Peace, plus an attractive oil box.

(For more UK kit options see the poster up top)

These kits provide BIG savings, but if you would prefer to buy individual oils or products then below are the price lists for Australia and the UK. (Please make sure you look at retail prices if you are not opening an account, and wholesale prices if you are.)


Australian prices

UK prices (with VAT)

Resources to help you use your oils

This website is a resource you can call on any time that will be updated with oily information.

You can join my Facebook group Essentially 80% Perfect, and will be added into my team page once you have opened an account.

When you start using oils you need a little help at first, but the idea is to eventually become self taught, so you know how to find the answers you need at the times you need them.

Two great resources for using essential oils are The Essential Life book and the Emotions and Essential Oils book both found on

doTERRA has an excellent website and a is perfect introduction to the company and products. I suggest bookmarking this site.

doTERRA Tools has a lot of information about each of the single and blended oils, and information about the company too.

For a great range of books, flyers and containers see Australian aromatools or European aromatools. You might like to purchase some roller bottles to make your own topical blends on these sites, and can purchase Fractionated Coconut Oil in your doTERRA back office to fill the bottles.

I also recommend the Modern Essentials book (from Aromatools) and the Modern Essentials app – which you can download on your phone for $10 in Australia.

Those who want to share oils by holding classes, or actively build a business like me, please click here.

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