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Are essential oils safe to use on children?

Quite simply yes. They are. They’re so handy in that way.

I love using oils around my kids because I know they are a chemical-free, natural product and they work so well. We hardly ever have to go to the doctors in my house these days!

But you must be an informed user and follow the appropriate dilution rates.

The topical dilution guidelines I follow are left.

I also recommend a watch of this video on kids and essential oil safety:

And you can also find lots more detailed safety information on doTERRA’s website.

I also love the handy reference chart in the back of the book Modern Essentials which gives you dilution guidelines for all oils and blends – and for child, adult or pregnancy.

What’s the best way to buy oils?

This depends on what you want.

If you just want an oil or two and don’t think you need an account, then paying retail price through my link is probably for you.

But if you’d like a 25% discount then you need to open a wholesale account with doTERRA.

And then it’s a GREAT idea to take advantage of the generous Loyalty Rewards program, where you can earn free oils and products.

Have a look at all the info I have laid out here and give me a shout if you have any questions.

Do I have to share oils or start a business if I open an account?

No. You can just use your account to buy your oils. It’s just like having an Amazon, or other, online retail account.

Most people simply use their account to buy their own oils and products. And those people have the option of sharing oils or starting a business down the track.

When you become a self-taught oils user and have your own powerful experiences with oils, you might find you naturally start to share them with those you love. But this is not a requirement.

If you just want an account to buy oils, enroll as a Wholesale Customer. If you know you might want to have a class, share or build a business straight away, sign up as a Wellness Advocate.

What is PV?

‘PV’ is just doTERRA speak for points. It stands for ‘personal volume’ or ‘points value’.

Each oil has both a price and a points value. This points value helps doTERRA unify the business across the globe. For example, a bottle of Eucalyptus oil may change price from country to country, but it is always worth the same amount of points.

You can find the pv of each product on the price list.

What is CPTG?

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade is a trademark doTERRA has put in place to guarantee the standard of quality across all its products. It is doTERRA’s promise of quality to you.

These oils are more rigorously tested than any others on the market (most are not tested at all), and are then retested by independent third party testers. You can read more about the CPTG standard here 

You will sometimes hear people saying ‘but CPTG means nothing because it is invented by doTERRA’.

It was invented by doTERRA, yes. Because the company wants to hold its oils to a standard in an unregulated market where it doesn’t have to.

And I like that.

CPTG is much more than a marketing term. It is a quality guarantee.

Really, do you want to use a company who holds themselves to a standard, or one that doesn’t?

We use these oils in a therapeutic way, for healing our bodies and minds. We inhale them and put them on the bodies of our children.

For me, it’s a no-brainer to stick with this brand.

doTERRA set out to produce the best quality oils, and has achieved that. The company is transparent about its growing, harvesting, distilling and testing processes. You can find out all about these on its website Source to You – and also look up every bottle of oil by its serial number.

Is doTERRA a pyramid scheme?

Pyramids schemes are illegal. So no.

But I will talk a bit about this, as it seems to me like a lot of people understand genuine multi-level marketing companies like doTERRA to be pyramid schemes – because it is a model of business where people enrol/enlist/recruit others in their network.

When I question people as to why they have a problem with ‘pyramid schemes’, they are generally unhappy that the people at the top are making all the money while the people down below are losing out somehow, or being taken advantage of. And that there is pressure to spend money in these schemes, and you end up spending more than you make.

So to address those concerns I will say this. Everyone in doTERRA has exactly as much chance of making a great amount of money as everyone else. You can join, build your business and even outrank the person above you.

There is no pressure ever to spend money. Ever.

But you can earn points for free oils by joining the Loyalty Rewards Program which requires you to make a regular monthly order. And if you want to turn doTERRA into a business you are required to place a monthly 100pv order to be eligible for commission.

All of us running a business are more than happy with this level of investment, which is nothing in comparison to the start up costs of other small businesses, and helps us build our oils collection at the same time as earning free oils and products.

Personally I started making enough money to cover the cost of this investment within four months of running my business anyway. Now all my oils are paid for with my commission so I don’t feel like I’m spending anything.

doTERRA is a genuine multi-level marketing company with a high customer retention rate and low start up costs. The company is full of genuine heart-centred souls who are creating their own abundance by helping and sharing with others.

Much of the profits are ploughed back into the Healing Hands foundation, and the ethical and sustainable sourcing of oils from developing countries.

It is, by far, the least dodgy organisation I have ever come across, and one I am extremely proud to be aligned with.

Is doTERRA a cult?

Even though I get a bit evangelical occasionally, no it is nothing so exciting. Just a normal business.

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