doTERRA’s top ten oils

Unless they have been to an oils class people never understand why doTERRA’s top ten oils ARE the top ten.

They get that Lavender and Tea Tree are useful, and they’ve probably heard of On Guard. But they often muse over the rest of them and decide they probably don’t need them.

But once they’ve been to a class they TOTALLY get it.

Here I shall explain the value of these ten oils. In words and pictures. (Because I went on Canva and got a bit excited making graphics.)

So – doTERRA has packaged these ten oils together for one reason…

these ten oils make every person who lives in a home – especially those who live in a home with other people – incredibly happy and empowered with thousands of oily solutions to everyday challenges.

These ten provide you with solutions to all the everyday, common, bog-standard and frequent issues that come up.

They are not there to help you align your chakras or spice up your love life (although they’d help).

No – these are the oils that help sick people, whingy people, stressed people, anxious people, people with tummy aches, headaches, dirty houses and sleepless spouses.

They are the ESSENTIALS of essential oils. As evidenced by the Home Essentials Kit (containing these ten and a diffuser) being the most popular kit.

All of them get at least a weekly workout in my house and I’ve used and replaced them all several times.

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Otherwise enjoy the amazing feat of design that is to follow…


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