Come and run a doTERRA business with me.

If you are here because you might be interested in starting up a doTERRA business – and you think you’d quite enjoy having my support and working with me – then EXCITEMENT… I’d love you to read on.

I might just have manifested you!

Running a doTERRA business is awesome and will give you the chance to build a life with a lot more freedom, in terms of time, opportunities and finances.

I always knew I’d like to work for myself, but short of writing a best-seller (which is still locked in my brain somewhere) I had no idea how.

I am looking for people who are interested in health solutions and believe they can improve their lives by working on their health. I also love people who understand that our minds, bodies and spirits are in fact one. I love people who love people. And people who love money and freedom and choices.

Please make sure you can tick all the boxes in this simple checklist before you read on:

You LOVE oils (or are sure you will)
You are interested in empowering others with natural solutions
You like people
You don’t currently have a doTERRA account, or you are already on my team
You are prepared for the fact that you have to build your business up before you see financial rewards

All good so far?

Well then congratulations – you have a chance to create a business that will most likely be able to bring you more money than you would ever have earned in your normal 9-5 job.

You will be building residual income (aka money that eventually keeps flowing in independently of the hours you are putting in!)

You will work for yourself, and build something that will give you independence and financial freedom.

You will be supported by an amazing community of beautiful spirits we like to call Wellness Advocates.

And me!

A doTERRA business is built as you hit ranks for enrolling more and more people with wholesale accounts.

Here are the tables for average incomes at different ranks for Australia, the UK and USA:

If you start a business with me, I want to be your mentor and friend. I want to see you succeed and celebrate those successes with you. I want to give you my time and my energy.

Self belief is KEY in this business, as is backing yourself and keeping on pushing through.

When you join my team you get someone who already believes in you, backs you and will help you keep pushing through.

You put the hours in – and I will help you make the most of that time by giving my advice and support.

I started up my doTERRA business when I had a baby and a 4-year-old to look after, and I signed up through a family member who lives nowhere near me.

I felt like I had no idea what I was doing for a long time. After a few months of placing my regular 100pv order I thought I had better start a Facebook group. Then I thought I better have a class. Then about six months after I joined I realised what I needed to do.

Put the hours in. Keep doing all the activities repeatedly.

I got support from various upline leaders, but have figured out much of what I now know by seeking out resources and information myself.

However, if you come and build a business with me, I am here to guide you from the start.

I am looking for people I can work alongside and support all the way.

Whether you want doTERRA as your sole income, or whether you want to make it work alongside another business, I can help you achieve that.

Read more here, drop me a line on my contact page expressing your interest in finding out more about the business and we’ll figure out a time for a no-obligations chat.

I can’t wait to meet you x


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