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Claudine Capel is a bestselling author, kinesiologist, EFT expert, entrepreneur and doTERRA Blue Diamond. She regularly travels business class all over the world interviewing health experts, while her Channing Tatum-esque personal assistant helps with and homeschools the kids, organises the food, packs the bags and remembers things.

However… until all that has actually manifested, she is a writer (with a background in magazines and marketing), a mum of two, and health journeyer residing in Brisbane. Striving every day to feel well, create balance and spread empowerment and love.

Claudine ♥

My why

Over the course of my health journey which you can read more about here, my mind has felt like a computer processing ever more astounding pieces of information.

First, I was stunned that having never felt worse in my life – having no ability to work, keep my place clean or look after my child – the medical profession told me there was nothing wrong with me.

Then, after a full year of running tests, they said it was Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and there was nothing they could do.

It blew my mind that they – the doctors – just didn’t have the answers, or even any clue why this had happened.

Then I started looking around at people in the world – those on lifelong courses of drugs, not getting to the root of their health problems, people eating crappy diets (like the standard Australian diet) and basically suffering through their mental and physical health problems.

And again, I was blown away again that I had never really noticed this before.

As I embarked upon the ‘alternative’ nutritional medicine process (my last resort!), and looked further into gut health and other therapies, I realised just how much help was actually out there. How much actual real science and knowledge there is that GPs are not actually trained in.

And I was blown away to realise that we are surrounded by chronic physical and mental illness despite the fact we have some excellent ways to treat it!

And when I say ‘treat it’, I mean making it completely go away!

I believe that people can change their lives, circumstances and nothing short of themselves as people through working on their health in a holistic way.

In my case, nutritional medicine identified and treated the cause of my symptoms within six weeks and, with the right supplementation, I became a functioning person with energy in three days.

I had to keep working on my diet, my lifestyle, my stress and become a partner to my doctor.

I had to be my own advocate.

But it all worked. Amazingly and brilliantly.

And there I started on my health journey.

And over time, I came to ‘my why’ for starting this website:

“Because I believe that people can change their lives, circumstances and – nothing short of themselves as people – by working on their health in a holistic way.”

In my opinion, this is the key to feeling good, fulfilling your potential and making the most out of life. Whatever crap situation you find yourself in, you can improve it by improving the way that you feel. This is the key to being a good parent and managing the stresses of daily life. This is the key to being effective at work. This is the key to bringing in more of the things you desire and less of the things you don’t. It is the key to everything you want.

Consistently looking after yourself. Taking responsibility for yourself. And finding the right ways for you.

When people start working on their health holistically, the whole world will surely become a better place.

I know in my leaky gut this is true!

I now humbly hope that the information contained here can help you make your world better, and helps you take some steps on that journey.

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