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Why would I join doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards program?


Wholesale account holders with doTERRA already get their oils and products at 25% off.

Which is GREAT.

But everyone who gets an account also has the option to join the Loyalty Rewards Program (or ‘go on LRP’, as we like to say).

When you join the Loyalty Rewards Program you are agreeing to place a regular monthly order with doTERRA.

Which you can cancel at any time.

In return for placing this regular order, you earn product points (pv) – which you can spend later on.

On Loyalty Rewards you can:

  • Earn the cost of your postage back as points – every time (aka no more postage costs)
  • Access a free product every month by placing a 125pv order between 1st and 15th
  • Accrue points on all orders over 50pv in value

Building points is the BEST because you obviously get so much more for your money.

Many people save their points to redeem against expensive and precious oils, and therefore get those higher priced items for free.

Others just use them as needed to reduce the cost of their order.

Those into using doTERRA toiletries and household items – such as the body wash, cleaner concentrate, shampoo and toothpaste – to reduce their toxic load, use their monthly LRP order to buy these things they would have bought at the supermarket anyway.

This way the monthly order is a no-brainer and you collect points to spend on oils practically for nothing.

Whichever way you swing it you are best off having points as opposed to not having points.

And a fun fact I recently learned is that doTERRA’s pv system is about 500 times more generous than other loyalty rewards programs such as FlyBuys.

Also if you regularly spend 50pv or more, your discount of 10% increases every three months to 15%… and then 20%… and then 25%… and then 30% after a year with doTERRA!!!

I get 30% of my orders back as points now and let me tell you, I’ve ALWAYS got LOADS of points. I use them to buy my Rose roller and Helichrysum and all those rare and precious oils I love for FREE.

If you’re on the fence about a monthly order, don’t forget you are never locked in and can cancel at any time.


All in all it is a brilliant way to get better value from your wholesale account and build your collection of oils in the most cost effective way.

I love you Loyalty Rewards!!!

Log into your wholesale account here and set up your monthly order today.

Find out how to set up your wholesale account here


For those redeeming those points…

Bear in mind there are slightly different values for earning points and redeeming points on products. Refer to your normal price list for the points values when earning points, and refer to the links here when you come to spend those points.

Point Redemption – AUS

Point Redemption – USA








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