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Hello my friends

This site is for mums who don’t want to feel like shit.

I came up with this innovative idea for my online niche in 2014, when I was a mum who felt like shit.

In my case I had chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic stress, poor diet, weight troubles and huge amounts of anxiety, all compounded by isolation, lack of support, relationship challenges and the highly demanding demands of motherhood.

(I hear similar stories from other women ALL THE TIME –  low energy, hormone problems, autoimmune, pain, fertility issues, and the list goes on)

After a year of zero success in my well-meaning GP’s office I discovered a lifeline in the form of nutritional medicine, and this was the start of a journey into holistic health.

Since then I have rethought EVERYTHING about the way I look after myself, physically, mental and emotionally.

Because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have survived.

And there are so many GREAT things that REALLY WORK, in the world of “alternative” therapies (aka science we haven’t studied yet), and being that I am a writer, I just knew I had to write about them.

On my journey to wellness I had to let go of perfection or even trying really hard, because it was making me sicker. I came up with this concept that 80% effort was good enough. Having an 80% healthy life could work.

So welcome to 80% Perfect.

Here you will find: health, wellness, nutritional medicine, alternative therapies, mind body spirit, essential oils and empowerment.

My dream is to see women find solutions and feel good.

Claudine ♥

I believe that people can change their lives, circumstances and nothing short of themselves as people through working on their health in a holistic way.


Ideas and answers for your mind body spirit health challenges

My Stories

Some snapshots of my journey through my own health challenges


When you want to know more about something – ask the experts


Some of the things I think about holistic health and stuff

Essential Oils

Find out more about the best holistic health tool I have ever come across


Topics where I’ve done the research for you
Essential oils are nothing but solutions. Little brown bottles of solutions. And they will give you answers to problems you never had answers for before.

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